Auto Rivet Tools

Auto Rivet Tools

The RIVETMACH Auto Rivet Tools is the most advanced auto-feed rivet tool that automatically transports and inserts the rivet into the rivet gun nozzle. It has successfully applied for several patents. It can save more than 50% of labor costs.

Auto Rivet Tools RM-B16P

The RIVETMACH Auto Rivet Tools is the most advanced auto-feed rivet tool that automatically transports and inserts the rivet into the rivet gun nozzle. It has successfully applied for several patents. It can save more than 50% of labor costs.

Auto Rivet Tools are an Automatic feeding system that adopts a mechanical device to insert blind rivets in the rivet tools nozzle, and the whole process is automatic.

Auto Rivet Tools are the best choice to increase production to reduce labor costs. The automatic feeding rivet tools significantly increase riveting efficiency.

Automatic Feeding System For Blind Rivets


RIVETMACH Auto Rivet Tools are suitable for riveting two or more layers of various materials of various thicknesses.
It will be working for riveting blind rivets, such as computer terminal cases, aluminum alloy cabinets, aluminum cases, small appliances, microwave ovens, lighting, automobiles, ships, airplanes, etc.
It is a significant technological advancement in the riveting industries to upgrade the riveting process from heavy manual work that relies heavily on skilled workers to automated work.


How to operate?
The auto-feed rivet tools greatly reduce the effects of the operator, they need just hold the workpiece by one hand and hold the auto-feed rivet gun by the other hand to process riveting.


  • CE Certificate:  YES
  • Control: Automatic, Electrical
  • Rivets type: Blind rivets, pop rivets
  • Rivets diameter: 1.0-6.4mm
  • Voltage: 110V-240V 50/60Hz 1Phase
  • Driven power: Pneumatic
  • Pneumatic pressure: 2.4-8.0kgf/cm²
  • Dimensions: 440×350×420 mm
  • Net Weight: 40 Kgs

Main Parts of Auto Rivet Tools

It consists of a Rivets auto feeder system and Rivet gun assembly system.

Rivet Auto Feeder System

  • The Rivets auto feeder system includes a Mechanical motion, control, and Detection unit. The function of the Mechanical motion unit is to arrange the rivets from the disorderly state to the sequential separation and convey the rivets to the rivet gun nozzles in a particular direction. The control unit controls the various parts of the machine according to the parameter setting. The Detection unit is to detect whether the feeding device is running stably according to the setting program.

Rivet Gun Assembly System

  • The Rivet gun assembly system consists of a Rivet gun, Rivet inserting mechanism, Signal input, and output processor. The rivet gun is a standard rivet gun sold in every market, so it costs meager and is easy to replace if broken down or worn out. The rivets inserting mechanism will be driven by the control unit. The rivet gun nozzle caught and loaded into the rivet that conveyed by the pipe. As its name suggests, the signal input and output processor is the signal collection and output, controlling the automated feeding rivet system.

Specifications of Auto Rivet Tools

  • Increase more than 2 times production more than manual pop rivet guns.
  • Save labor costs.
  • Reduce the effects of the operator.
  • Easy operation.
  • Lightweight and movable.
  • Energy save.
  • Take small area, easy maintenance, very easy to replace worn parts by workers.
  • Pneumatic source 2.4-8.0kgf/cm².
  • RMI offers a wide range of auto-feed rivet tools of premium quality and 2 years warranty.

Comparison of Auto Rivet Tools and Manual Rivet Tools

The RIVETMACH Auto Rivet Tools are different from the Manual pop rivet tools.

Manual pop rivet tools rely on the operators’ hands. It inserts the blind rivet into the rivet gun nozzle, or the negative pressure work to suck the rivet into the rivet gun nozzle.

Auto Rivet Tools is an automatic rivet gun. The rivets are fed automatically by conveyed through the pipe to the rivet gun nozzle using compressed air.

Comparison table
RIVETMACH Auto Rivet ToolsManual pop rivet tools
Loading timeAutomatically insert the rivet into the rivet gun nozzle. No loading time.Need to insert rivets by operator’s hand, costs loading time.
Moving timeAfter pulling a rivet, simply move the nozzle to the second riveting point. No need to move the rivet gun everywhere.After pulling a rivet, remove the rivet gun to a certain position to facilitate the loading of the rivets, which requires two movement times.
Left hand movementThe left hand only needs to support the workpiece.Picking up the rivets in the left hand, aiming at the nail to the riveting hole.
Lost rivetAutomatic feeding blind rivets, no rivets are lost, the workbench is clean.If the worker’s left-hand grabs the rivet, meanwhile the workpiece needs to be supported, and the rivets are easily lost in large quantities. Workers will lose rivets if they hurry to catch rivets and insert them into holes.
Right hand movementPush trigger by the right hand.Push trigger by the right hand
CleanlinessNo need to touch the rivet by hand, clean and hygienic.Need to touch rivets by hand, the sweat of the hand will contaminate the pull studs, the pull studs will become black.
Training RequirementsNo need for a training period, the worker can start efficient work immediately.It takes half a month or even more than one month of training, to become a fast worker.

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