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Fully Automatic Snap Fastener Machine

Fully Automatic Snap Fastener Machine is fully-auto snap fastener tool, which works to fix snap button on clothing automatically. The maximum capacity could reach 12000 pcs/hour.

Fully Automatic Snap Fastener Machine RM-S2F

Fully Automatic Snap Fastener Machine is fully-auto snap fastener tool, which is working for fix snap buttons on clothing automatically. Do not need piercing on clothing, the snap fastener will self-piercing clothing material automatically. Equipped with safety device and positioning laser light. The maximum capacity could reach 12000 pcs/hour.


Fully Automatic Snap Fastener Machine is an automatic feeding machine, which feeds snap automatically. A wide variety of plastic snap buttons, metal buttons, prong snap buttons has been successfully fastened by this machine.

This equipment is workable for the different materials such as clothing, jacket, canvas, etc.

Available for different kinds of snap fasteners such as snap button, parallel spring snap, metal gripper prong ring snap button, and kinds of metal button, plastic button, resin button, alloy button, nylon button, cloth cover button, etc.


Parameters of Fully Automatic Snap Fastener Machine

  • CE Certificate: YES
  • Snap Type: Snap button, Parallel spring snap, Metal gripper prong ring snap button
  • Control: Automatic feeding snap fasteners
  • Max. Capacity: 12000 Pcs/Hour
  • Throat depth: 85mm
  • Driven power: Electric driven
  • Motor: 184W
  • Voltage: Customized 100V-240V 1 Phase/380V-415V 3 Phases 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 600×420×1200 mm
  • Net Weight: 110 Kgs

Specifications of Fully Automatic Snap Fastener Machine

It is automatic feeding fasteners that adopt a vibrating bowl to select snap button, and send them to the processing position, the whole process is automatic.

This machine is fully automatic driven, two actions need to be done by laborers.

  1. Feed snap button in the feeder, no need to feed piece by piece manually,
  2. Step on feet pedal.

It will perform stable processing, low noise. Automatic snap attaching machine is the latest technology for setting snap on clothing.

  • Save labor costs. Automatic feeding snap button for more efficient processing.
  • Easy operation. No need to manually feed the snap button piece by piece.
  • Safety devises for preventing human injury.
  • Raser light for positioning.
  • Bearing: The use of best quality bearings, wear-resistant degree of similar bearings 8-10 times.
  • Molds adopt alloy steel KD11 material.
  • Take small area, easy maintenance, very easy to replace worn parts by workers.
  • Leading snap fastener machines manufacturer in China. Premium machine, factory direct price.
  • 24 months warranty for machines, 6 months for punchers and dies sets.

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