How to Adjust Washer Automatic Feeder?

Automatic feeding rivet machine with washer feeder

How to Adjust Washer Automatic Feeder?

  1. What is washer automatic feeder?
  2. Why will we use automatic washer feeder?
  3. How to adjust automatic washer feeder?

1.  What is washer automatic feeder?

Washer, or called a shim, which is a thin plate (typically disk-shaped) with a hole (typically in the middle) that is normally used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener, such as hollow rivets or semi-tubular rivets. Washer is widely used in producing baby stroller, camping chair, folding chair, PP sheet turnover box, etc.

Washer automatic feeder

  • Functions: Washer automatic feeder is used to feed thin washer automatically on automatic riveting machine. As known to all, washer is too thin to be fed by labors’ hand, it is really waste time if washer feeding piece by piece on the human hand.
  • Features: Washer automatic feeder is customized according to customers’ washer samples, the washer feeder is strictly following washer samples size. One customized automatic washer feeder is only available for one size of washer. NEVER try to feed other sizes of washer, it will block and damage feeder.

2. Why will we use automatic washer feeder?

  • The washer is too thin to feed by hand. Washer is a very thin plate, especially, plain washer thickness is from 0.8mm to 1.2mm which used in folding chair, camping chair, and baby stroller industries.
  • Increase much productive and save labor cost. The capacity of automatic feeding rivets machine is 80-120 pcs/min in feeding rivets and washer.

3. How to adjust automatic washer feeder?

When users change rivets length, you should replace dies to suitable lengths. Meanwhile, the washer feeder position must be adjusted.

For example, the rivets length will be always changed if your furniture factory has different products need to be riveting such as camping chair, beach chair, folding chair.

The better solution is to order 5-10 sets if you have the big production and enough budget.

The economic solution is to order 1-2 sets for all kinds of rivets length. You have to adjust washer automatic feeder in this case.

Please follow the steps to adjust washer feeder position.

1. Cut off compress air [1]and electric power [2]

Cut off compress air [1]and electric power [2]

2. Lower die chosen
  • Use the longest pin die [1]for rivet length from 45~70mm
  • Use medium pin die [2]for rivet length from 20~45mm
  • Use the shortest pin die [3]for rivet length from 5~20mm

Different rivets length use different punch dies

3. Assembly the die on the machine, and adjust the die Position to fit the rivet length, as following photos show.

Automatic washer feeder adjust guide

4. Loose the fixing screw on both left-hand side and right-hand side

Adjust automatic washer feeder on rivet machines

5. Raise up the platen [1] to the highest position, and then pull out the feeding rod [2] to the longest status

Refer to the attached video, check following video you will understand.
How to Adjust Washer Automatic Feeder

6. Check if the washer standing platen is a little higher than the pin of die or not, if yes, it’s ok. Otherwise, adjust the feeding system up to the correct position.

Washer automatic feeding machine