Riveting Technology is the latest ladder assembly solutions

Ladder riveting machine is widely used in ladder manufacturing industry. As known to all, the riveting machines are one kind of cold fastening technology, which no hot treatment and no pollution to the environment, save much power source and increase much production. Currently, riveting equipment is gradually instead of welding technology in more and more industries, such as brake shoe, baby stroller, fan blades, also aluminum ladder manufacturing line.

99% of the aluminum ladder and scaffolding factories adopts riveting technology and give up aluminum welding methods now. Let’s see the different performance between ladder riveting and ladder welding.

Ladder Riveting Machine-Riveting Better Than Welding

Obviously, there are many advantages if produce ladder by riveting technology.

Save consume material cost

Aluminum ladder riveting machine does not need to consume much except electricity. While welding machine has to consume much aluminum welding material,  ER4043 aluminum welding rod is very expensive cost for daily consume.

Save labor cost

Aluminum ladder making machine is much easy to operate and maintain, do not need much-trained personnel. However, welding machine needs well-trained man to do good looking welding.

Increase much production

For ladder riveting process under the normal condition:

  • Manual ladder making machine capacity reach 1.5 meters/minute, 2 workers
  • Semi-auto ladder making machine capacity reach 2 meters/minute, 2 workers
  • Fully-auto ladder making machine capacity reach 3 meters/minute, 1 worker

The welding process can never reach even 0.5 meters/minute.

Better performance in riveting

The better-looking ladder will be more popular in the market.

Riveted ladders are stronger, more safety, and more durable

Absolutely, riveted ladder rungs step can bear more press than welded ladder, the riveted ladders is much stronger than welded ladder, the human safety is the biggest concern for ladder manufacturers.

Therefore, there are many aluminum ladder manufacturers expand their market in Gulf and Europe market as fast as possible, because they are using ladder riveting machine, produce various ladders in high production and good quality ladders.