Automatic Feeding System For Blind Rivets


Specification data

Automatic Feeding Blind Rivets Machines

CE CertificateYES
Rivets typeBlind rivets
Rivets diameter1.0-5.0mm
Driven powerPneumatic, Electric
Dimensions440×350×420 mm
Net Weight45 Kgs
Rivet gunAccording to customers requirement
VoltageAC100-240V 50/60Hz 1 Phase
Actuate Pressure2.5-4kgf/cm²
Rated Pressure8kgf/cm²

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Automatic Blind Rivets Feeding Tools Installation Consideration

Installation instruction

Automatic Feeding System For Blind Rivets

  1. Install the machine on the horizontal floor or stable platform.
  2. Connect the 1 Rivets feeding tube, one end is inserted into the Rivets feeding system, and the other end is inserted into the nozzle of the Rivet gun.
  3. Connect the 2 Cylinder driven air tube and 4 Signal cable of the cylinder into the corresponding positions of the Rivets feeding system, and connect the other end into the Interface of the cylinder and the signal cable of the Rivet gun.
  4. Connect 3 Air source tube to Rivets feeding system and Rivet gun.
  5. Connect the 5 Rivets waste tube to collect the rivets pull stick.
  6. Connect electricity power, machine installation is finished.

Installation Notice

  1. Must follow the installation step as above.
  2. Ensure the power is AC100-240V 50/60Hz 1 Phases
  3. Ensure the main machine platform is stabilized.
  4. Ensure the air compressor pipe no water inside, it may affect machine use life.
  5. After connecting the air source, the cylinder on the Rivet gun should be in a retracted state, otherwise, it will cause a failure of the pull-out rivet, and the direction of the air inlet and outlet should be reversed so that the cylinder on the riveting gun is in a retracted state.


Improper place, which may affect the safe operation of the machine, it also affects performance and life. Do not use the machine in the following place.

  • Avoiding installing in a rough or rock place to avoid falling and rolling to damage the machine and the operator.
  • Avoiding installing in a wet or dusty place, cleaning the dirt plug first to avoid sparks and electric shock.
  • Avoiding installing the machine in the place where it is close to the window or direct sunlight.
  • Avoiding installing the machine in a place where is easy to vibrate.

Automatic Feeding Pop Rivets Gun

Automatic Blind Rivets Feeding Tools Operating Instruction

Initial debugging

After installation, users have to debug the machine because it is the first time to use it.

  1. Due to the machine is customized, so the display screen parameters do not need to change.
  • In case users need to change parameter settings. Please contact us for help.
  1. Air pressure: Normally do not need to adjust air pressure, all settings are adjusted before factory delivery, the suitable pressure 2.5-4kgf/cm².
  • In case users need to adjust the air pressure.

Please open the machine cover, then adjust the air pressure knob inside of the machine.

  1. Vibration adjustment: Adjust the Vibration plate knob. Normally, the vibration does not need to adjust.
  • In case vibration bowl feeding speed is too slow. Users can adjust the Vibration plate knob so that it can be normal feeding, pay attention to the vibration bowl feeding speed should not be too fast.

Operating steps

  1. Turn on machine power, connect the air source.
  2. Put the rivets into the vibration plate, it is suitable under 500-1000pcs, the rivets quantity should depend on the rivets size.
  3. Prior to the first operation, one rivet should be a load to the Rivet gun nozzle and waiting for operation.
  4. When the first time the Rivet gun trigger is pressed, the Rivets feeding system will run once but without rivets delivered to the nozzle of the Rivet gun. Once the trigger is pressed again, the machine will deliver one piece of rivets to the nozzle of the Rivet gun.
  5. After ensuring one piece of rivets loaded on the gun nozzle of the Rivet gun, hold Rivet gun on one hand, hold the workpiece on the other hand and align the riveting point to perform the riveting operation.
  6. The machine will automatically send one piece of rivets to Rivet gun nozzle, then wait for the next riveting operation.


1. When using the machine, you should pay attention to the following tips
  • When the power on, do not make the adjustment.
  • Do not touch the drive parts when the machine is running.
  • Do not touch the vibrating bowl when it rotating.
2. When filling material, users should pay attention to the following tips
  • When filling material, the rivets must be the same specification as the setting rivets by machine.
  • When filling material, do not use the other type of rivets to avoid block up.
  • Do not fill the machine fully, only 2/3, fully filling will reduce the running speed.
3. Other notice tips
  • Do not use wet hand to insert or pull off plug to avoid electric shock.
  • Pull off plug carefully, do not damage plug avoid spark or electric shock.

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